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B/W #1

Fine art photographyMy everyday boredomGeneral winterBlack and white photographyDivine smoke from black chimneysThe white houseDancing treesThe frosty swingAn onslaught over open fieldsOn collision courseLonely and bitterDistant rain666 - The number of the beastA beautiful concrete constructionOscar - my sonA surprised faceThe old fishing villageA fence to keep them insideThe dead monk\'s rockBurned outAsea and the swastikaThe old tractor factoryThe loneliness of the long distance skierThe rockabilly boyBone whitePrevent unauthorized accessStraight forward to nowhereRock, moon and iceOne of those daysThe lighthouse and the moonA sort of symbolismkraftLight seekerlokOld train carriagesBeware the stone goatrokA conversation between menOpen woundTwice as uglystiltjeOutstretched tongueGirl with intense eyesItsy bitsy spiderA steam pressure of diabolical proportionsTowards the ruinTwo white benches