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B/W #3

A face in the darkSteam in a pulp mill777The old wooden bridgeLet\'s goThe outsiderThe soulmateDiffuse transitionThe FighterWelcome to the junkyardMoon behind the landmarkAlone at the foot of the mountainThe art of looking thru a windowFuture rescue?The goat in the windowLine them upIf you meet a person without a smile - give her yoursI am a concrete skullOld, stiff and vulgarBond togetherAre you going up?Stress - a widespread diseaseBodås MineThe almighty churchThe last outpostfrostThe man in the middleIt will blow you awayA solitary swing in the autumn sunOn the other sideMe, myself and IOne of those brilliant constructions from the pastsol_bakom_tradgevaliaDistant cranesDry dockC star and the wooden boxLeft in solitudeGrövelsjönThreesomeThe black holeFailures are the best lessons in lifeSteel and concrete in a wonderful mixThe urn and the castleHigh and mighty